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HangInthereWe'reComing! HangInthereWe'reComing!

Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Hey, what a cool song you got here(I really dig the anvil sounds in the background!). It really has that RPG feel to it and I like that it carries that action theme throughout the song.

My only main gripe would be that the main melodic line keeps changing phases so it's a little overwhelming. Granted, that IS a common theme that I find in classical music, but part of me just wishes it would be a little more subtle.

I like that the ending ends with the beginning but I think it still feel it ends a little to suddenly.

Anyways, very lovely piece of music, it's nice to see you grow in this medium and as usual I look forward to your next compositions! Cheers!

For courtesy, review translated in Hawaii'n Pidgin:

Da illn' muse'n you be making brah(anvil be hittin da hard da kine?). Dis be like da RPG fo' real'n makes fo like beef on dem beat.

Mah only ting dat dah muse'n come aht choo at all kinds deh places fo' shua! Dah classical givn' dose themes but dere be nawtin, bradahh, nawtin!

I like da ending come fo a da beginning likewise but dem short'n breakin off da' kine?

Props to da muse'n mo bettah, okole maluna mah braddah.

SpikeVallentine responds:

Thanks lad. Hmm! Thank you! I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for all your help. Honest!
RPG feel, that's real good.