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What in the world did I just watch?

That flash was so crazy it was funny. I had a weird feeling in my stomach almost forcing me to laugh, so I did.

Anyways, although the graphics weren't the best, I commend you for the writing (as silly as it was). A lot of the singing was monotone, but it was quite humorous; so if that is what you were going for, you nailed it.

Good job on the musical. Even though it was really different and weird, it worked!

(P.S. If it's any consolation for YOU, I would give it a 7.5 but there is no decimal system. However, I just CAN'T pull myself to round up. :3)

Generic Newgrounds Flash

You probably submitted this to be taken "not so seriously", but I will go with the general rule that: "You chose to submit it, i'll choose to review it".

Graphics: They were okay. I guess you could say it seems you put some time into them. Someone earlier stated that your graphics were the only redeeming quality of this flash; I disagree. They weren't bad though.

Audio: Most of them weren't original (which isn't a necessity by any means) and that didn't favor you too much considering lack of proper graphical expressions to match that audio.

Humor: Assuming that your trying to make the general audience laugh; you didn't do too hot their either. I will account myself as a statistically viable person to be issued under the generalized public for these reasons: I find typical comedy shows on television to be quite funny, there are numerous "thought-out" flashes on Newgrounds that I find quite humorous including those of incredibly well known NGers(No real need to plug here, you know the ones I mean...), I enjoy myself a properly used meme from time to time (though most I found to not be really funny). Keeping that in mind, I did not find your flash funny whatsoever.

Don't take that too harshly; I don't feel negative about your flash at all. It just wasn't funny. I sat through those 30 seconds and found at the end of it, I was the same emotionally, mentally, and metaphysically (wtf?) by the end of it. No pay off.

I looked through your profile and check out your flashes and art and I will say that I've seen it all time and time again. Good job, you have succeed in being incredibly typical of a user; and the person you are obviously trying to become in this community: you have also succeeded in that.

Look forward to hopefully something not so bland. :3

(Melee Announcer Voice)***Failure.***

Failure if you were going for humour, because it wasn't really well done at all...
The art was pretty good depending on your taste, but I suppose that's debatable as well. Nothing really to say about it other then, try not to expect a high score just because it's "video game" based and what not.

It was very confusing to me and recycled characters from other jokes where they already made fun of their taunts. That idea was suppose to be what drove this series and you just kept doing the same ol' thing. To put it in lamens terms, I believe the saying goes "Don't beat a dead horse with a stick". Also, the skits that were "original" were apparently mostly inside jokes and that doesn't work out to well to the majority of viewers.

I do want to commend those people who you could tell put their effort into it and successfully portrayed their own style and talents in animation. I hope, at the very least that those who participated grew in animation and working as a collaborative whole.

Maybe next time, "Show yo' moves!"


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Awesome game man! I like the different characters as they are super lively and it's pretty easy to get yourself immersed in the world of MemoHuntress. My favorite level is definitely Rose Inn, so much is going on there!

Just one question: Where are all the hard medals?

Ja ne!

SpikeVallentine responds:

Winzra, thank you for you gratitude! Immersed? R-really?

I agree, Rose Inn is a strong level for a game like this.

"Just one question: Where are all the hard medals?"
Ask Sellar.


Everyone needs to try that one!!!!!!


There it is again!!!

Anyways, I knock off some stars because not all the articles of clothing work elegantly with one another (most notably the neck garments with the torso garments).

I would have also like to have seen a little more movement from the main character of the game in the animations.

All in all: Terrific game for the Dress Up genre, definitely a top of it's kind despite a few minor setbacks.

Great job!

Great game

Very fun game, the idea was pretty good. Original keep it up.


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Hey, what a cool song you got here(I really dig the anvil sounds in the background!). It really has that RPG feel to it and I like that it carries that action theme throughout the song.

My only main gripe would be that the main melodic line keeps changing phases so it's a little overwhelming. Granted, that IS a common theme that I find in classical music, but part of me just wishes it would be a little more subtle.

I like that the ending ends with the beginning but I think it still feel it ends a little to suddenly.

Anyways, very lovely piece of music, it's nice to see you grow in this medium and as usual I look forward to your next compositions! Cheers!

For courtesy, review translated in Hawaii'n Pidgin:

Da illn' muse'n you be making brah(anvil be hittin da hard da kine?). Dis be like da RPG fo' real'n makes fo like beef on dem beat.

Mah only ting dat dah muse'n come aht choo at all kinds deh places fo' shua! Dah classical givn' dose themes but dere be nawtin, bradahh, nawtin!

I like da ending come fo a da beginning likewise but dem short'n breakin off da' kine?

Props to da muse'n mo bettah, okole maluna mah braddah.

SpikeVallentine responds:

Thanks lad. Hmm! Thank you! I'll keep this in mind. Thanks for all your help. Honest!
RPG feel, that's real good.

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Beautiful drawing, reminds me a little of Les Miserables. I really dig the more earth like tones that you used.

Hahaha, that's so amazing! XD

Don't quit your day job...

I kid of course. Good job on the picture, reminds me of REBOOT or something.

MindChamber responds:

stop drawing like ass...

I kid of course

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