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Alien Hominid In Real Life?!

2012-05-29 20:01:30 by Winzra

Well, sort of!

Actually it's a very life-like animatronic of Alien Hominid for the upcoming Newgrounds: The Forsaken City web series and it just hit another checkpoint in it's completion.

If you'd like to know more details, check our latest update on the KickStarter page to see the creation of this awesome guy in progress.

Thanks again for your support Newgrounds and if you'd like to help us out keep spreading the word!

Hope your day is as bright as the sun,


P.S. Also sorry for having some many updates on this and annoying some of you but we really really want to get this made for everyone!

Alien Hominid In Real Life?!


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2012-05-29 20:04:25

Your revision of alien hominid is amazing.

Winzra responds:

Thanks man, all credits go to our awesome team!

Chad Dusenberry: Lead Creature 3D Design (Essentially his gritty/real intepretation of Alien Hominid)
Tyler Bolyard & James Marsano: Sculptors/Practical Design (Took Chad's design and made a physical rendition of our beloved alien mascot).


2012-05-29 20:25:37

dang man, thats some seriously legit stuff there.


2012-05-30 06:48:13

Practical effects are always badass as hell, especially in 2012.