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Alien Hominid In Real Life?!

2012-05-29 20:01:30 by Winzra

Well, sort of!

Actually it's a very life-like animatronic of Alien Hominid for the upcoming Newgrounds: The Forsaken City web series and it just hit another checkpoint in it's completion.

If you'd like to know more details, check our latest update on the KickStarter page to see the creation of this awesome guy in progress.

Thanks again for your support Newgrounds and if you'd like to help us out keep spreading the word!

Hope your day is as bright as the sun,


P.S. Also sorry for having some many updates on this and annoying some of you but we really really want to get this made for everyone!

Alien Hominid In Real Life?!

TFC and Pico Day

2012-04-21 17:52:59 by Winzra

(Sorry for the long post)
First wanted to give a shout out to Tom for helping us every step of the way. Yay, go Tom!

1. Hooray! We were finally able to release the Kick Starter page. We have been working on it for a while and it's cool to see that the wheels are finally coming into motion. Even though we've completed a good amount for the project to set the stage for filming, there is still much to do and knowing that the NG community is behind us only invigorates us that much more to make you guys proud.

Speaking of the community; some of you have already been offering your services to help out on the project and that's great! A big goal we had in mind for "The Forsaken City" was to make sure that it was a series that felt more like it "belonged" to the community that has been faithful to NG, and with that were looking to possibly incorporate as much help from the community as we can afford.

So if you feel this is a project you might be interested in working on, please check out future updates that will address this!

2. Pico day is coming and while we are all set to go, we still haven't gotten any reservation for a hotel. We've gotten some nice recommendations but we were wondering if there is anyone going to Pico Day who needs a couple of bunk buddies or wants to share a room with us to split the cost. Please let us know ASAP! : <

3. Hans did a pre-interview with Chase about TFC. They actually get into some cool concepts like the logistics behind certain shots of well known movies and share their thoughts as well on the current social state of the industry. If your a movie buff at all I would recommend giving it a watch. Check it out here (I think it actually starts around the 18 minute mark).

4. I wanted to do just a quick section maybe on my posts were I can post some users that I personally want to highlight, so lets give it a shot.

- Hans Van Harken: I don't really know this guy too much (maybe we'll meet at Pico day) but he posted a website recently where he writes some really neat articles and after watching that interviews he gave I have become very interested in his work past his actual animations and stuff (which you all know are awesome, duh!). He just comes off as a very pensive type of person which is a breath of fresh air to other streamers and bloggers that are saturated on the internet today.
- Odell Atkinson: A voice actor I've worked with a couple of times. If you need any voice work done give him a shot, hes a very professional/timely guy!
-Broove: This is one of the artists we used for the song in the kickstarter, really dig his style.
- DarthDuba: And here is the other one!

Okay I won't make it that bloated for now, we'll see if people hate this thing or not.

That about does it, thanks for everything guys and thanks for supporting TFC, just because you don't pledge/donate doesn't mean your not helping, just by watching our page your SUPPORTING US/NEWGROUNDS; see ya later WHOOSH!

TFC and Pico Day

Voice Acting Needed+Website+GOODIES

2009-10-22 18:47:33 by Winzra

Table of Contents
1. Voice Acting Needed
2. Abel (Game)
3. Point N Click (Game)
4. NG Invasion (Game)
5. Ashford (Game)
6. Koden (Animation)
7. Website (1 Year Anniversary)

Hey Newgrounds,


I'll cut to the chase here; firstly, my companion and I are whipping up quite a few things and were trying to squeeze in a halloween entry before we hit the due date (9 Days)!

Basically were looking for Voice Actors/Actresses who would be willing to lend a hand on short notice. Preferably for the sake of lip syncing; having audio submitted within the next couple of days (I know, I know T___T). The script is completed and we're working fervently on the animation. We need:

Thomas McBryde (Male), 40 Years old
- Worn-out
- Middle aged
- Divorced father

Amy McBryde (Female), 14 Years old
- Sweet girl
- Rebellious.

Bob Harris (Male), 43 Years old
- Optimistic
- Friendly
- Caring
- Outspoken

We are also casting for these extras: Female teenager, News reporter.

If we happen to win something for the Halloween contest, you can definitely expect to be compensated for helping us out. So, if you happen to think your up for it, or if you may know anybody who could give us a hand, please PM me or post a comment respectively below.

In other news; for those interested in what we have been up to, here is a little update on a few things.


Abel is a First Person Shooter game that revolves around a few new ideas. As it stands, we have 5+ guns along with unlock able content and ranged difficulty, and of course, fully cinematic cut scenes.


Point N Click (Obviously not the title) plays like any other type of game in it's genre, but expands the typical options seen on this platform and brings you something new and fresh. For those of you who like a good "Murder Mystery/Who-Done-It", this game brings you an estimated 1 hour + of game play time (with saving of course) so you'll be able to have your fix.


NG Invasion (Working Title) is a Zelda style game involving the Flash/Newgrounds/Philidelphia(?) world. Flash cartoons have made it into the real world and it's up to you to put them back in their place! Quirkiness aside, it's looking not bad. You wear different costumes (Concept may be changed) which acts as different power ups (a-la Megaman) which allow you to defeat the baddies in different ways; although there is a stat system involved with the equipment so it could act on an RPG level too I guess. We have about 10+ different costumes to wear, an assortment of Newgrounds cameo's, 3 major dungeons, and a hefty amount of side quests. Go NG!


The Ashford Chronicles is a platformer that is based around the world of Koden (For those of you who care for that sort of thing). Although the story does not occur in the same time period, to keep with consistency in story and to avoid spoiler alerts, it probably won't see the light of day till the Prologue is finished. I am definitely excited for this one! (Picture of AS skeleton)


Speaking of Koden; Ideally we would want to finish the "Prologue" and start the actual series by the end of the year, but considering how full our plate is right now, it's not looking too easy. Ultimately though, everything were doing is working towards this project (This is our baby)!


We are soon to celebrate our 1 year anniversary for our website!!! YAY!!! For those of you who have actually looked at the website, you might be wondering why I'm cheering. Well, here's the deal:
Back in the year of 08, we decided we needed a website so we contacted one of our close friends and paid her to do it. Not to put her on blast or anything, but after contacting her on and off for the year embarrassingly pushing her to do it, it became sadly obvious that it would not get done (Don't particularly know why considering she seems ecstatic to help every time we ask AGAIN).

SOOOOOOOOOO, if anyone is willing to do the website, or knows anyone, please let me know! It's actually very easy. We have the design on a virtual swf that pretty much shows exactly what we want.

Oh yes, and you would be getting paid what she was already and then some, which would add up to about $250. I know, not exactly a lot for this kind of thing, but were not exactly rolling in dough either. =(

Okay that's about it. For those of you who did that whole tl;dr thing, no worries. I urge you to read numbers 1 and 7, the rest doesn't even really matter.

Thank you for your time,
God bless!

Voice Acting Needed+Website+GOODIES